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“While off-shoring delivery teams makes commercial sense for businesses, we’re acutely aware of the problems cross-border and cultural misunderstandings can create, delaying projects or even causing them to fail – costing time and money at a time when budgets are leaner than ever. This programme, developed in partnership with cultural alignment experts Together Global, is a game changer for our members. It has proven and measurable results and offers something unique and effective.”
Kerry Hallard, GSA CEO

The GSA is partnering with Together Global to deliver two new workshops for its members:

The 90 minute ‘Introduction to CAT’ workshop

Learn how CAT helps global teams identify and address cultural blockers to improve performance and engagement

At the end of the workshop, attendees will know:

  • How CAT fits into your workstreams/training schedule
  • The resources required to run a CAT programme

The 1-day ‘CAT Discovery’ workshop

Map out what a tailored CAT programme would look like for your global teams. We conduct in-person Diagnostic Interviews with your offshore Delivery Teams prior to the workshop and incorporate the feedback into the workshop.

At the end of the workshop, attendees will have:

  • Co-created a delivery plan for a tailored CAT pilot
  • Have a clear picture of CAT benefits and outcomes, supported by metrics

These workshops are designed to provide GSA members with practical insights and introduce new Best Practice in global team performance; an important, pressing subject in the sourcing industry.

For GSA members, these workshops are a valuable exercise in themselves. They also prepare members to run their own CAT pilots at special discounted GSA member rates.

Please contact for more details.

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