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2022 celebrates 35 years of the sourcing industry and we’ve seen an abundance of change over the years, but one thing that hasn’t improved enough is the contracting process. Why are we still negotiating clauses that don’t need negotiating and bringing the lawyers on board too late in the process? With the introduction of so many news technologies, such as AI, which have the potential to transform approaches to contracting, why are we not embracing these positive changes enough? 

The GSA has resurrected it’s Contracting Workstream to drive change in the industry and modernise the contracting process and we have identified 4 areas of focus:

Transformation and Change

  • Usability challenges with contract changes
  • Principles to anticipate and facilitate change
  • How to formalise change mid agreement

Workstream output: Playbook for Change

Making Standard Contracts Smarter

  • Principles and psychology of contract design
  • Leveraging new technologies and automation
  • Smart contracts
  • Digitalisation of contracts for SMEs

Workstream output: GSA ‘manifesto for smarter contracts’

GSA Standard Terms

  • Starting point for contracts to keep them equal with reasonable middle ground
  • Working to clauses rather than contract templates
  • Help to facilitate the contracting process – how vs what?

Workstream output: Additional standard terms to add to the GSA ‘clause bank’ and amendments / simplification of existing terms

Sourcing Best Practice for Contracting Framework

  • Simplifying best practice for contracting
  • Achieving balanced contracts and avoiding adversarial approaches (including realism around liability and risk, designing a contract with both parties in mind)
  • Quick and faster contracts, risk-based solutions

Workstream output: Agreed principles for what both parties should focus on

If you would like to join any of the above workstreams, please contact the GSA at


The GSA Festival of Sourcing 2022: Fireside Chat - How can our Industry Learn from Contracting in the Construction Industry?

Edward Vera-Cruz, Solicitor (Head – Commercial Legal) & Senior Commercial Advisor at Southern Water

Kerry Hallard, CEO of the GSA

The GSA Festival of Sourcing 2022: Launch of the GSA Contracting Standard Terms

David Jones, CEO & Founder of Claus.ify

Simon Lightman, Partner at Eversheds Sutherland

Mark Crichard, Partner at RPC

Christopher Bates, Partner at Ashurst

Philip Allery, Director at Prescience Outsourcing

The GSA’s contracting workstream have developed a GSA standard terms contract for small projects, such as professional consulting services or possible BPO services. The aim is to assist the industry in working with smaller players.

The Automation Platform to House the Contracting Standard Terms

David Jones, CEO and Founder at Claus.ify

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