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Members of the GSA have the opportunity to speak to Kerry Hallard, CEO of the GSA, on a topical subject of their choice. You can watch all of the SourcingTV interviews below. 

It is so important for Service Providers and Enterprise Buyers to understand what a good DEI programme looks like, so we can improve as an industry. In this week’s SourcingTV, Kerry Hallard speaks to Donna Kelly, Senior Vice President Business Unit Lead for South Midlands and Chair of the DEI Working Group at CGI. The inspirational DEI programme at CGI won Diversity and Inclusion Programme of the Year at the 2022 GSA Professional Awards.

Donna shares how and why the programme started, how their DEI networks are run, why it’s so important to use the programme to educate others on different diversity groups, some examples of how the networks have had a positive impact on the workplace and parts with advice for anyone looking to implement their own programme.

OmniContact is a new player in the business services space, coming from a new region for business services delivery; Sub-Saharan Africa. In this edition of SourcingTV, Kerry Hallard speaks to Otis Makahamadze, Chief Operating Officer at OmniContact who shares their mission, their heritage and why they are different.

Otis and Kerry discuss why we should be looking at Sub-Saharan Africa as a delivery destination, how OmniContact have put impact sourcing at the heart of their business; providing opportunities, education, and support to 250,000 people through the Higher Life Foundation which OmniContact was born from.Otis also shares the government support they have to promote Sub-Saharan Africa as a delivery destination, how Sub-Saharan Africa differs from the more popular South Africa, OmniContact’s future intentions and their call to action for the UK market.

The GSA has been delivering Professional Development for over 15 years. In this SourcingTV, Kerry speaks to Chris who gives an overview of the GSA’s approach to Professional Development and the portfolio for qualifications the GSA has developed, what work based learning is and how students and employers can benefit from it, the video library of training the GSA have to offer and who they are relevant for within the industry, how the GSA is differentiated from other professional bodies and the exciting new masterclass the GSA is launching to cover an ethical approach to sourcing to include social sourcing, diversity, sustainability and environmental impacts of sourcing.


Colombia is not the most recognised delivery destination, but it certainly has a place on the stage for global technology and business services delivery.

In this week’s SourcingTV, Juliana Villegas, Vice President of Exports at ProColombia shares why Colombia is recognised as a hub for BPO services within Latin America, with its abundance of talent and training programmes, its large English speaking community of 1.3 million, its huge focus on sustainability and social commitments and its warm and welcoming people.

Anyone interested in looking at Colombia as a delivery destination, please reach out to ProColombia for more information.

David Rickard, Everest Group


In this SourcingTV interview, Kerry Hallard, CEO of the GSA, speaks to Drishty Ramdenee, Director of Services at EDB Mauritius to discuss why Mauritius is a great delivery destination for global technology and business services. They discussed Mauritius' vision for the industry, the availability of talent in the region, how training and education is helping to deliver the talent required by the industry, the different services available out of Mauritius and the ambitions for Mauitius as a delivery destination in the future.

In this weeks SourcingTV interview, Kerry Hallard, CEO of the GSA speaks to Jehan Perinpanayagam, CEO of Infomate Pvt Limited based in Sri Lanka. Jehan shares how implementing an impact sourcing programme has given great opportunity to people in the rural areas of Sri Lanka and how it has had such a positive impact on Infomate, lowering attrition and tackling the lack of talent, as well as having an incredible positive social impact. Jehan explains why everyone should consider impact sourcing and how to do so.

In this weeks SourcingTV, Kerry Hallard, CEO of the GSA, speaks to Hanae Chino, Group ESG Strategy Director at Webhelp. Webhelp recently won Social Programme of the Year at the 2022 GSA UK Awards for their Impact Sourcing Programme. Hanae shares how the programme has been developed, how targets are set around hiring impact workers, which geographies impact workers are hired from and why impact sourcing is not just the right thing to do but can deliver significant business benefits.

Russell T. Ahmed, President at BASIS

GSA’s CEO, Kerry Hallard is joined by Usman Wahid, Partner at KPMG Law to discuss the future of working models in a post pandemic environment and how these might affect the outsourcing industry. Expect an insightful sharing of why there is pressure to move back to more traditional delivery models and why service providers cannot just continue delivering services from employees’ home environments when the contracts state otherwise. Usman offers sage advice about tax implications and compliance issues when using open talent from across different geographies.

In this week’ SourcingTV interview, Kerry caught up with Gary McQuade, Engagement and Partnership Director at Provide Consulting on the opportunities and challenges we’re currently facing as an industry as it changes on a pin and we continue to embark on a positive trajectory for growth. They talk about the talent challenge, how to partner and collaborate with smaller players and Gary shares his tips and words of advice to ensure the industry continues to grow at the speed it has been.

Kit Burden, DLA Piper

In this Sourcing TV interview Kerry Hallard, CEO of the GSA, speaks to Kit Burden, Partner at DLA piper, on all things enterprise cloud, and discusses topics ranging from:

  • the structural challenges for customers who are embarking on negotiations for enterprise cloud solutions
  • the kind of rights cloud suppliers are proposing in relation to their ability to make changes to their services, after the contracts have been signed and how customers should safeguard against this
  • whether a cloud supplier can have a right to suspend the provision of the services
  • how termination rights in these kinds of cloud service agreements compare to those which one might see in an outsourcing agreement
  • how much protection contracts typically give a customer if things “go wrong”
  • the key risks / potential pitfalls that customers miss when thinking about their enterprise cloud arrangements
  • the challenges the cloud services market will face in the next few years

Boris Kontsevoi, Intetics

Kerry Hallard, CEO of the GSA, caught up with GSA’s 2021 Strategic Leader of the Year award winner, Boris Kontsevoi. Boris is the founder and CEO of Intetics, the first Eastern European member of the Forbes Technology Council and the first Eastern European Certified Outsourcing Professional. Over the last 26 years, he has published 50 scientific works, spoken at multiple conferences, and led Intetics to global success, by transforming the way the tech industry approaches sourcing.

They discussed the global technology talent crisis, increasing attrition and how today’s software engineers are akin to rock and roll stars – an employee first approach is central to Intetics’ ongoing success. 

Tara McGeehan, CGI

Kerry Hallard, CEO of the GSA, spoke to Tara McGeehan, President of UK & Australia Operations at CGI on CGI’s inspirational ongoing sustainability program and how they plan to achieve the ambitious target of reaching net zero and nature positive status in the UK by 2026 and globally by 2030. They discuss all areas of ESG, from reducing emissions to encouraging women into the tech sector and the importance of collaboration and sharing ideas to create a more positive future.

Tara explains that “ESG isn’t about competitive advantage; it’s about doing the right thing. It’s for the good of us all, put ESG at the top of your agenda and accept it’s a today thing, not a tomorrow thing.”


Our latest #SourcingTV interview is with Alistair Niederer, Head of EMEA at TTEC.

TTEC is a global customer experience (CX) technology and services company focused on the design, implementation, and delivery of exceptional CX, and is also a winner of three prestigious GSA UK Awards in 2021.

Tomislav Glavas, M+ Grupa

In our latest #SourcingTV interview, Kerry Hallard, the CEO of the GSA interviews Tomislav Glavas, the CEO of M+ Group.  

M+ Group is an inspirational dynamic challenger to the service provider industry and the largest independent contact center and business process technology outsourcing (BPTO) company in Southeast Europe. 

Eleonora Israele, Clutch

The launch of our new Partner Platform explained in a fireside #SourcingTV chat with the CEO of the GSA, Kerry Hallard interviews Eleonora Israele, Head of Strategic Partnerships & Corporate Development at Clutch.

To view our Partner Platform directory and to get listed, please click here

Graeme Matheson, John Lewis

Kerry Hallard, GSA CEO interviews Graeme Matheson, Outsourcing Lead for John Lewis Partnership as the first episode in a new series of interviews for #SourcingTV.

More Videos Below!

The CEO of the GSA, Kerry Hallard and Chair, Mark Devonshire providing an update for members on GSA’s Manifesto and it’s exciting programme for the next 12 months during the pandemic. #SourcingTV

Interview with Yahya at the Global Sourcing Summit & Awards 2018 in South Africa

Yahya talks about the Summit’s place in uniting the buyer and the supplier. Sourcing bridges the gap across countries and integrates talent worldwide.

Interview with Elias van Herwaarden at the Global Sourcing Summit & Awards 2018 in South Africa

Elias from the Netherlands talks about the communicative & International side of the industry.

Interview with Kerry Hallard, CEO of the GSA at the Global Sourcing Summit & Awards 2018 in South Africa. 

Kerry Hallard, CEO of the GSA, explains that Sourcing and Outsourcing is not an accidental profession, it is a highly competitive and dynamic industry: partnering, collaborating, strategizing, as well as adding value to the company you work for.

Interview with Joe Williams at the Global Sourcing Summit & Awards 2018 in South Africa.

Interview with Hortense Thorpe at the Global Sourcing Summit & Awards 2018 in South Africa.

Hortense talks about the perks of being a part of the GSA, the opportunity, range and potential for growth within the industry.

Sourcing Predictions for 2017

Interviews from the GSA UK BFSI Conference on the 23rd of Nov 2016

Celebrating Women in Outsourcing

Women in Outsourcing: The Importance of Targets in the Industry- Discussing the importance of targets at the Women in Outsourcing event. 

Sarah Burnett Vice President at Everest Group explains the future role of RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and gives a first-hand fact about the RPA market at the NOA Symposium 2016.

R Chandrasekhar president of NASSCOM talks about how the digital technologies are affecting the outsourcing industry, how outsourcing providers of ITO and BPO in India compare to those in the UK and India's future of in the Digital Age at the NOA Symposium 2016.

Interview with Jim Hemmington, Director of Procurement, BBC and Carol Brown, Account Director, Sopra Steria - Cleveland Police Partnership at the NOA Symposium 2016.

Interview with Phil Fersht, CEO of HfS at the NOA Symposium 2016.

At our Excellence in Outsourcing event, David Brain, COO at Symphony Ventures, discusses robotic process automation in outsourcing and its future.

Jim Hemmington, Director of Procurement at the BBC, discusses the BBC's participation in the NOA's Corporate Accreditation Programme with NOA CEO Kerry Hallard.

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