What is it?

SPSI is the UKs first standardised sustainability index, created especially for service providers to the technology and business services sector.

Created in collaboration with GSA buyer and service provider members,SPSI uses a single, comprehensive ESG questionnaire, which will enable service providers – and their customers - to understand how well they are performing across the ESG agenda compared to their peers.

Who's it for?


  • Anyone within enterprise responsible for ESG measurement and reporting
  • The sourcing and/or procurement teams

  • Chief Sustainability Officers, Head of Sustainability,
    ESG leads in Procurement and Sourcing

Service Providers:

  • Any business providing technology and business services

What you get?

  • A robust ready-made questionnaire for buyers to use with all service providers
  • An easy-to-understand score
  • An easy way to understand how well your service providers are performing against each other and against the rest of the industry – across all parameters that are key to your company
  • A detailed report highlighting your providers’ strengths and weaknesses, enabling an action plan on where improvements need to be made
  • An ability to change the weightings of sections / questions to reflect what’s most important to your company
  • A detailed report highlighting strengths and weaknesses, enabling an action plan on where you need to make improvements
  • Data insights to highlight how the industry is changing over time
  • The ability to change your score as you make changes to your processes / policies, so you are always putting your best foot forward

Why you need it?

  • Simplifies your RFI process with technology and business services vendors regarding ESG criteria
  • Allows you to understand how your suppliers ESG performance separately and against one another
  • Allows you to make data-driven decisions on awarding work where ESG performance is a key criteria
  • Fill in once and share many times, leading to significant time and cost savings
  • An easy way to understand how well you are performing against the rest of the industry

What it costs?

£1,850 for members and £2,200 for non members


This is for Service Providers so we encourage them to buy SPSI and use it to respond to buyer tenders and RFIs.

If buyers choose to mandate use of SPSI, then it is up to them to decide if they want to share the cost with their service providers.

Watch the Launch of the GSA's Service Provider Sustainability Index below - Presented By Kerry Hallard, CEO of the GSA and Alistair Niederer, CEO at NeedleRock.

Please register above to access the GSA’s Service Provider Assessment questionnaire. This form is only intended to register you for the program. Upon registration and payment the team will onboard you into our assessment platform and contact you with guidance details on how to progress.

Thank you for participating in this really important initiative of understanding and improving the sustainable and social performance of your organisation to help us promote the global technology and business services industry as an Industry for Good.

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