The Future of Work Report by Talent Alpha

17 Mar 2021 2:09 PM | Abbie Lunn (Administrator)

2020 will be remembered in the business annals as the year the world of work shifted, accelerated, and reinvented itself. After years of discussion about the need for Digital Transformation, the 4th Industrial Revolution, and the Future of Work, the Covid-19 global pandemic brought most businesses across the globe to a rapid halt. What happened immediately after revealed which companies  had been living and breathing digitalization, automation, and total workforce management all along; those that had recognized that the core to their success was digital talent have continued to thrive in the ever evolving new reality. I am proud to share with you this comprehensive report which is the collective work of Talent Alpha’s own experts, and our dedicated partners and friends, with whom we analysed many of the forces that are shaping what we used to call ‘the future of work’. The ‘new reality’ we now find ourselves in is an environment where the skill half-life is now no more than 5 years, and where the physical proximity to the job to be done is no longer a

requirement. At the same time, the growing talent gap is forcing companies to forget about lifetime employment and is pushing them to find more creative ways to access the skills that are required to get a specific job done. This report touches on many concepts that we believe will become the buzzwords in executive video calls (indeed, the executive floor and rooms are no longer required) in the months to come. I invite you to join me on this exciting journey and I encourage you to join the related discussions focused on managing your skill count, decoding the talent genome, measuring human cognitive abilities, and digitizing Talent on the Human Cloud.

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