The Human Cloud – The Ecosystem For The New Reality - Przemek Berendt, CEO, Talent Alpha

19 Mar 2021 2:18 PM | Abbie Lunn (Administrator)

The world is facing unthinkable challenges at the moment. The new paradigm for companies is to build not only strong, but sustainable businesses - in the broad sense. From a business perspective this means not only building resilience, but  also becoming anti-fragile i.e. adjusting quickly to new circumstances, and being well-balanced and agile in responding to current needs and constraints. This process can be successfully supported by the Human Cloud.

Addressing the Tech Talent Gap

In times of COVID-19 and digital acceleration, The Tech Talent Gap is growing and best skills are getting even more scarce. 63% of Fortune 500 CEOs claim the Covid-19 crisis accelerated digital transformation by a decade. This will translate into a growing demand for digital talent, with 149M new jobs estimated by 2025. According to Everest 75% of enterprises expect a talent shortage for key roles in IT, analytics and specialised skills areas. The war for digital talent is going to get exponentially more intense, turning into Talent Armageddon with, as many as, 160M digital jobs remaining vacant.

The Human Cloud is the ecosystem where Talent around the globe is seamlessly connected with opportunity at scale. As cloud computing, revolutionised IT infrastructure, the Human Cloud is transforming the most important asset of every business – the Talent. It connects you with thousands of instantly available IT Specialists and contracts the Talent for your project, exactly when you need it. This could be freelancers, but in Talent Alpha we connect you with ca 20,000 vetted tech specialists from trusted IT Services Companies.

The Human Cloud is a way to think about accessing and engaging the right talent at the right time. It also allows you to share resources and find new projects for people on your own internal bench. The Human Cloud will help you to: access, manage, measure & share Talent. It will give you the visibility of what skills are at your disposal. It will enhance your HR, recruitment and up/re-skilling efficiency. It can also reduce costs and increase effectiveness significantly, e.g. for IT specialists, it can reduce time-to-productivity by 20% and talent acquisition costs by up to 35%, according to

Talent Alpha’s experience.

How Can the Human Cloud Help You Now?

As described in Matthew Mottola’s book about the Human Cloud, organisations are facing several massive challenges:

• There is a shortage of tech talent if you’re not in a main international hub.

• Start-ups can do in months what takes larger organisations years, a major reason being that the

traditional channels for accessing talent are too slow.

• The only thing higher than the divorce rate is the percentage of employees engaged at work.

• And a new challenge in the era of COVID-19: re-scaling while maintaining cost efficiency.

To both survive and move forward, you probably have three pressing hair-on-fire questions:

1. What needs to get done?

2. How do we re-scale?

3. How do we do this on a shoestring budget?

This is where the Human Cloud shines. Across Fortune 100 companies we’ve seen an average of 50-90% cost savings and time savings from around 30 days to around two days to find and hire the right person. These are just the averages. Once your ‘bench’ is built – meaning you’ve identified relevant experts – hiring can take just minutes and projects that once took months can be completed in days.

Starting Your Human Cloud Journey

I believe it is most efficient to look for the right talent capability to do the work exactly when it’s needed by using the best

skills inside and outside of the organisation. And on the other side of the equation - most specialists prefer to be rewarded for the real advantages they bring to companies and projects. We could live in a world where our talents were well-recognised, were best used, and were important and appreciated. The Human Cloud is a great tool to make a significant step in this direction.

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