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The Fundamentals of BREXIT in the Sourcing Industry

Chaired by the CEO of the GSA, Kerry Hallard; Paul Gardner, James Cockroft and Shivendra Singh shared their experiences to date of Brexit and the challenges they see ahead


James Cockroft

Director at Coeus Consulting

Paul Gardner

Chairman at Peru Consulting

Shivendra Singh

Vice President, Global Trade Development at NASSCOM

As a brief summary of the webinar, supply chains have been hugely impacted, as clearly witnessed in Northern Ireland, as the UK has increased the bureaucracy and paperwork. The general consensus was that the UK had made itself less attractive to do business with. Although goods and manufacturing were clearly impacted, there have yet to be changes announced for what BREXIT would mean for services. NASSCOM described negotiations with the UK Government to be open and were positive about future trade prospects. The main wish from the future of BREXIT negotiations, is that the UK Government ensures ongoing access to global talent, whilst maintaining the same standards for workers’ rights. 

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