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Women in Sourcing - Supporting the Menopause

This panel discussed how companies can create a positive culture in the workplace to ensure women can be vocal about the menopause, can raise awareness of the symptoms and impacts of the menopause and detailed what resources are out there to support employees going through the menopause.

10% of women suffering symptoms think about giving up work - this is often because they are wrongly diagnosed by GPs - the menopause is an option for doctors to study not mandatory! Many of our attendees said they were prescribed anti-depressants and not HRT. Awareness of symptoms is still too low not to give this subject more space for now. It’s a massive hole in most companies Inclusion and Diversity programmes. The GSA will continue to host “open cafes” to provide a forum for our members to share their concerns as well as positive experiences.

Debbie Bullock

Wellbeing Lead at Aviva