South africa: bpo/gbs offshore location of choice

by Traci Freeman, Marketing & Growth at BPESA

During this auspicious festival, BPESA, as the national trade body and industry association for the Global Business Services (GBS) sector in South Africa had the opportunity to share case studies and success stories of global logo’s being serviced out of the country.

For the fourth consecutive year the sector has observed a rapid growth rate of 22% CAGR. The GBS sector which includes the expanse of CX, Shared and Professional Services as well as Digital and ITO has demonstrated resilience in the face of global disruptions.  Recognition as the Top CX offshore destination for the second consecutive year has resulted in an influx of large global brands and BPO’s being prompted by clients to consider the country as part of alternate geographical risk mitigation expansion strategies.  We are humbled to wear this accolade and do so with pride knowing that our global client community continues to see value in the South African GBS and BPO offering.

Collaboration, partnership and support from government, private sector and social stakeholders has assisted the industry in being recognised as a priority sector, which in turn has stimulated for progressive policy alignment and unlocking resources to support growth and scale.

The growth of both domestic and international Operators setting up and engaging clients on the back of an established and robust value proposition positions the destination as an affordable, high quality, deep capability, empathetic and innovation service offering across the English speaking CX and digital landscape.

South Africa’s cost competitiveness, relative to source markets and peer locations, has been further augmented by the GBS incentive programme, a 5-year opex based incentive scheme supported by the national dtic (Department of Trade, Industry and Competition). The incentives ensure that any organisation locating service delivery centres in South Africa and facilitating job creation extracts real value from its investment.

South Africa, the launch-pad and Centre of Excellence (CoE) for Impact Sourcing has embedded the inclusive hiring practice into its incentives in addition to it being a broadly adopted standard operating procedure.  The sector has embraced the concept of inclusive hiring and building of inclusive supply chains to address the global call for expanded DEI and ESG (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion and Environmental, Social and Governance).

To further support the South African based GBS and BPO community, BPESA along with multiple partners has crafted out a ‘’Future Skills Platform’’ which supports the sector and operators in ensuring real time access to a multitude of desired skills and talent to support the required capabilities, growth and ability to scale.

We look forward to hosting the global community at the annual inbound GBS Investor Conference taking place the week of the 7th to the 11th November in South Africa.  Join us to learn more about South Africa’s ability to deliver to your and your customer’s needs.

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Watch Andrew’s full presentation at the Festival of Sourcing here.

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