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by Alexandru Tanase, Pratice Leader Digital Workplace Services at Stefanini EMEA

 While businesses were already responding to the growing importance of digital, automation and improved efficiency prior to Covid-19, the pandemic clearly accelerated the need to embrace a new way of working. Stefanini also responded, consolidating its digital workplace offering to empower businesses seeking to meet changing employee requirements and the challenges of the new landscape.

This digital workplace not only provides businesses with a competitive advantage, enabling them to empower employees to work whenever and wherever they want – boosting productivity and an ability to recruit top talent – but delivers these results through the power of close collaboration.

“We believe in the power of co-creation – which means forming a deep partnership with our clients in order to harness the full potential of innovation by perfectly matching our solutions to our clients’ specific needs”, explains Alex Tanase, Practice Leader Digital Workplace Services at Stefanini EMEA. 

Alongside co-creation, Stefanini’s approach is shaped by a commitment to understanding clients’ existing set up in order to boost efficiency and lay the groundwork for continuous improvement.

Stefanini also remains flexible and offers a technology-agnostic approach, continually scanning the entire innovation ecosystem to identify opportunities to improve the service it provides. Equally important, its model is designed to offer consistency in service, with a shift in focus from service level agreements (SLAs) to experience level agreements (XLAs) an important part of gaining deeper insight into whether it is truly meeting the requirements of the client and its employees and stakeholders.

Stefanini’s approach to providing digital workplace services involves deep customization in order to meet clients’ specific requirements. By building extensive knowledge of the client’s business – and through working closely with the client via a co-creation approach – Stefanini can ensure its solutions offer the maximum possible benefit based on the client’s existing set up and maturity level.

When it comes to Stefanini’s digital workplace offering, each element of the service is carefully constructed to meet precise client requirements, including an employee-centric design that is co-created with employee focus groups, an XLA-driven transformation roadmap to ensure continuous improvement, and a persona-driven self-adapting portal.

While Stefanini is committed to building a deep understanding of clients’ business quickly, its ability to expertly meet client needs also grows over time, which is why its longstanding relationships have unlocked such powerful results for businesses on a transformation journey.

“Our average length of contract is over a decade, which means that through the deep understanding of the client and the close relationship we have, we can co-create sophisticated solutions that provide exactly what they need from within our portfolio,” explains Alex. The flexibility to dial services up or down from within Stefanini’s portfolio is also an important differentiator that empowers businesses.

“It’s clear that transformation should deliver quick results, while at the same time being refined over time in response to a changing landscape and new business requirements. Being able to draw upon our comprehensive range of services according to what will be most impactful for the business both now and in the future is a crucial aspect of our offer and why we are so well placed to enable businesses to realize their transformation goals”, adds Alex.

Businesses need to embrace new and innovative ways of working in order to ensure their future viability.

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