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Agile sourcing requires a shift in mindset, maturity and openness and isn’t an overnight fix, but utilisation can deliver a great return on investment and optimise cycle times. This event demystified agile sourcing and break it down to its simplest form – a highly collaborative set of accelerators in the sourcing process. 

In order to implement an agile sourcing strategy, companies should focus on developing the skills of their sourcing team, investing in technology that supports collaboration and real-time communication, and establishing clear processes and guidelines. First and foremost, it’s important to understand the key fundamentals of agile sourcing and then to pick the right projects to take down this path.

Find out below what agile is and isn’t suitable for, and how to move from traditional transactional sourcing to modern agile sourcing.

Rosalyn Olney

Partner at Source-Re

Sandrine Trinh

Senior Category Director for R&D at Galapagos

David Rickard

Partner at Everest Group

Angela Wyatt

Consulting Director at Horizon Seven

Watch David's presentation here:

Watch Angela's presentation here

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View Angela's slides here.

Watch Rosalyn and Sandrine's Presentation here:

Agile Sourcing: Panel Discussion 

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